The Blue Plate

Address: 119 Chestnut St. Chattanooga, TN 37402 Contact Email: Phone: (423) 648-6767
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The "Blue Plate Special" dates back to the early days of American diners. The original fast-food restaurants, diners were mobile food wagons that began swarming U.S. cities in the late 19th century. They were dubbed "diners" because they reminded people of dining cars on trains. Diner hosts would serve their daily specials on disposable blue plates that were first manufactured during the Depression. Much like today's TV dinner trays, the plates were sectioned to keep the meat, starch and vegetable separate and, of course, only came in the one color. In those days, a blue plate was reserved for the diner's daily special. Today, at The Blue Plate, every dish is a made-from-scratch specialty and every plate is blue. As a homegrown Chattanooga restaurant, we are pleased to support local farms and suppliers. We proudly serve the best from Bluff View Bakery, Niedlov's Bakery, Coldstone Creamery, River Ridge Farms, and Stone Cup Coffee.

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