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Memphis Zoo Experiences Baby Boom

The Memphis Zoo says a 5 1/2-foot-tall reticulated giraffe has been born there. Maliki a 115-pound baby girl was born Jan. 16. It is the zoo's sixth baby giraffe in seven years, and it increases the giraffe herd total to nine. The proud parents are 19-year-old mother Marilyn and 15-year-old father Kenya. The baby's body has light brown and white coloring that gets darker around her face. Native to Africa, reticulated giraffes give birth standing and are born with horns on their heads to protect them from a 6-foot fall to the ground at birth.  Also, the Memphis Zoo has gotten some recent additions with the hatchings of several Komodo dragons, but the baby reptiles aren't exactly cute and cuddly. They will bite, first day out of the egg. Because the mother will eat them if she can catch them, they have to protect themselves as soon as they hatch.  It is the third time in just more than a year that the zoo has bred the endangered species.  The Memphis Zoo joins fewer than 20 other zoos across the nation that have successfully bred Komodo dragons.

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