Tennesseans at War

Tennessee’s willingness to lend a helping hand and lead in times of peril is immortalized in the beautiful memorials, fascinating museums and legendary military landmarks that decorate the state and honor the fallen heroes of War of 1812, the World Wars and the Civil War.

After a display of marked valor during the War of 1812 at the Battle of New Orleans, Tennessee earned the name of the Volunteer State. In the years to follow, Tennessee lived up to this reputation, furnishing more soldiers to the Confederate and Union armies than any other Southern state during the Civil War. And, later, Tennessee sent more National Guard soldiers to the Persian Gulf than any other state.

During World War II, Tennessee played a primary role in the creation of the atomic age. The total war effort reshaped the face of the state from predominantly agricultural to increasingly urban and industrialized.

Visit a museum, battlefield or monument. Delve deep into our Volunteer States colorful tapestry of war stories, inspiring heroes and seemingly impossible undertakings.