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Tennessee Heritage

Tennesseans appreciate their history and heritage, from the music that moves us to the movers and shakers who changed history.

Explore the many historic homes and heritage towns, like the utopian village of Rugby, and museums that stand as reminders of Tennessee's rich past. Learn about the U.S. Presidents that called Tennessee home; visit Andrew Jackson's Hermitage, the only surviving residence of James K. Polk, and the Andrew Johnson Historic Site. Put yourself in the shoes of frontiersman David Crockett or learn about music pioneers like Elvis Presley and W.C. Handy, the father of the blues.

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Town of Granville
"A riverboat town with a strong history located on Cordell Hull Lake. Town includes historic buildings, museum, park, marina and much more. This Cumberland River port was a contested area throughout the Civil ...more

City:  Granville, TN
Phone:  931-653-4511

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Town of Spring City
" ...more

City:  Spring City, TN
Phone:  (423) 365-6441

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Trail of Tears National Historic Trail
"The Trail of Tears National Historic Trail commemorates the removal of the Cherokee and the paths that 17 Cherokee detachments followed westward. Today the trail includes about 2,200 miles of land and water routes, and traverses portions of nine ...more

City:  Multi-city, TN
Phone:  (505) 988-6888

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Travellers Rest Plantation & Museum
"The plantation home of John Overton, Travelers Rest preserves 200 years of Nashville's historic past, from frontier to Civil War to ...more

City:  Nashville, TN
Phone:  866-832-8197

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Treasures and More on 64
"Find the treasures of Franklin, Giles, Lawrence, Lincoln and Wayne counties on Highway ...more

City:  Pulaski, TN

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Trousdale Place
"This historic home of former Tennessee Governor William Trousdale was built around 1813 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The house contains original Trousdale furniture and a small Confederate ...more

City:  Gallatin, TN
Phone:  615-452-5648

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Tullahoma Campaign Civil War Driving Trail
"The Tullahoma Campaign of 1863 is often overshadowed by the simultaneous events of Gettysburg and Vicksburg, even though the results were strategically more significant than Gettysburg and tactically equivalent to Vicksburg. With the loss of manpower, agricultural staples, the industrial base and, most importantly, the Chattanooga rail center, the Tullahoma Campaign was the beginning of the end for the Confederacy. Follow ...more

City:  Multi-city, TN

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Twin Cities' Railroad & Textile Museum
"Showcasing history, both oral and local, industry, area centennial celebration and Banana ...more

City:  South Fulton, TN
Phone:  (731) 479-7029

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U.S. Custom House & Museum
"<p>Now home to the East Tennessee Historical Society, the old Custom House was finished as a major federal office building in ...more

City:  Knoxville, TN
Phone:  423-544-4262

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Unicoi Turnpike Trail
"The Unicoi Turnpike Trail is a trade and war path that predates written history. The places, events, and people associated with the trail are linked to the nation's ...more

City:  Etowah, TN
Phone:  (187) 751-0576

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Union Monument
"<p>On the grounds of the courthouse is a marker signifying that here was the location of the Unionist Convention, which opposed joining the Confederacy and advocated the creation of a new Unionist ...more

City:  Greeneville, TN

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Union Station - A Wyndham Historic Hotel

City:  Nashville, TN
Phone:  615-726-1001

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Veteran's National Cemetery
"Established immediately after the siege of Knoxville, this cemetery contains Federal casualties from the Battle of Fort Sanders and members of 1st Heavy Artillery, USCT. Open ...more

City:  Knoxville, TN

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Vonore Heritage Museum
"On display are artifacts used by the people of Vonore from the late 1800s through the 1950s. Artifacts include Civil War pieces; WWI and WWII uniforms; trophies; plaques; and pictures from the now-closed Vonore High ...more

City:  Vonore, TN
Phone:  423-884-2989

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W.C. Handy House Museum
"William Christopher Handy known as the “Father of the Blues” was born in 1873 in Florence, Alabama in a log cabin built by his grandfather. Growing up, he received lessons on the cornet in the local barber shop. Handy was teaching school by age nineteen, but left for a high paying job at a factory in Bessemer, Alabama. Wishing to ...more

City:  Memphis, TN
Phone:  901-527-3427

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